Oran Bodner?s Original Websites




http://helpsudoku.com/ - Why should recursion be relegated to the backwaters of academic curiosity? In this little app I have shown that a recursive function can be employed in a real-life day-to-day practical problem such as solving the daily sudoku puzzle (J). Released August 2011.




http://ieurope.biz/realestate.aspx ?- Another extension of my pan-European website ieurope.biz, which lets you view houses and properties across Europe (so far in 5 countries), using Nestoria?s API set. What sets it apart from other real-estate sites is: (1) You can search in several countries at once, and (2) You can search given different currencies (US dollars, Euros, GP pounds) and it does the conversion for you, both for searching and when displaying the results. Used threads and semaphores to get results from all the countries at once and display them on the same page. Released June 2011.



http://peeksite.info/ ?- Lets you peek at a website without having to visit it, displaying its information, such as title, number of links, who-is (owner), page-rank, content, meta-information and more. Simple but useful, yet curiously absent from the Internet (till now, that is ?) Released April 2011. Later I added a command-line version, in the form of a 100-line Perl-script, with a neat trick for counting jpegs and links using the Perl split function.





http://oranbodner.com/ - My new homepage (in progress), done in Silverlight. (Took me forever to figure out how to display my other websites within a Silverlight view - thanks Divelements!). Released December 2010.




Crevolution - An exercise in Silverlight, timers, and (an attempt at) creationist humor. Released November 2010.








http://room2let.org/ - When you need something done, you often have to do it yourself. Such was the case went we decided to rent out our attic. A quick survey of online classified ads for such a thing proved disappointing, so I put together (in a little over a week) such a site: A classified ad site that focuses on renting rooms. This site has many more categories than any other site of the sort (e.g. smoking, pets, children, Internet, kitchen, transportation, and more), plus a unique feature that allows users to add ads without needing to register, sign-in, passwords, cookies, etc. Released October 2010. In March 2011 I added an Israel-specific version with slight improvements http://room2let.org.il/ or http://room2let.co.il/








http://www.mydatabase.biz/ - My latest and greatest (released August 2010). It is a database within a database (currently using MySQL), and allows one to easily create and share tables (e.g. class phone list, birthdays, schedule, etc.) with samples and predefined column types (text, links, pictures, dates).

One special feature is the ability to sort dates with or without the year, so you can sort your friends (or family) either by age or by calendar date (to see whose birthday is next).

Still in progress ?







http://ieurope.biz/ ? Here I focused on white-pages, specifically on Europe (as it is becoming one nation, but still has no common phonebook). So, without requiring any sign-ups, and just using public online phonebooks, I produced the first-and-only 1-stop European phone directory (well, 16 countries so far), both white-pages and yellow-pages. That?s unique in itself, but then I realized that with the use of parallel threads I could easily offer another unique feature: A search for a person (or business) in ALL of Europe. Try searching for Bodner (that?s me) in W. Europe White Pages, or Casino in Yellow Pages, and it spits out entries in all those countries. There is still some work to do here (mostly due to bugs in some countries? online phonebooks), but it?s a cool tool (or so I?ve been told).

Later I added some travel info pages for some 16 cities (here I did use SQL), and it started gaining popularity until it was blacklisted by Google Adsense for allegedly ?data-scraping?.





http://hop2home.com/ - This was one of my first websites, and I took great pride showcasing my use of elements such as XML, menus, binded data-lists, fixed positioning, passwords, e-mail, cookies and more. Works only on Microsoft IE.

It?s a desktop-like home-page, where users may customize their home-page with their own symbols and links, just as they do with desktop shortcuts.

I hired award-winning clay artisan Yonatan Bereskin for the backgrounds.









http://www.relayswim.com/ ? This tool came about to help swim coaches assemble the best relay team from a pool of swimmers (most of my family are swimmers). It might seem a trivial task, but it is not always best to have your best butterfly swimmer do the butterfly leg. This tool lets the coach enter all the times of all the swimmers and get the optimum relay team.

For 4 x freestyle it is a simple matter of picking the 4 fastest freestyle swimmers, but for a medley relay you have to sum up all the different combinations, trying each swimmer?s times in each of the 4 different strokes. Relay teams can be assembled by gender, age, or individual selections.





WhenHoliday - a holiday & birthday calendar ? probably lots of similar apps like this around, but this one has the unique feature where one can combine 2 or more nationalities, such as asking to view Jewish and US holidays at the same time.

Took me a week to do this one.









OrgThat ? This exercise produced a general tool for hierarchical organizations. Depicted here is a sample family tree (I?m depicted here, too ?). Other samples included here are a stamp collection, company org chart, etc

Amazing how many things we like to organize hierarchically!







VillageDir ? A forerunner to ieurope.biz, this website was meant to be a global people-finder and message center (but that would work well only if everybody signed up?). It was my first SQL-based website, supporting both Microsoft SQL-Server and MySQL. Some of its unique search features include: Search by school, graduation year, group(s), age, fuzzy values (e.g. age +/- 5), and and/or another search query. When I saw that the hoards weren?t signing up (rendering the whole thing useless?), I added an ?External Search? feature, using telephone white pages, which eventually evolved into the aforementioned ieurope.biz website.